All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smiltė.

LA offices

Color illustration

(Impertinent) Because unknown paths walked and on them walked. Because what no one had said before and repeated it over and over again. Because they searched so hard to find it. Because more than anyone, they fought for their own dreams. Because body and soul dedicated themselves to something they really believed in. (Cheeky) Because they screamed, fought, created, questioned, danced, invented…. Against EVERYTHING… Against EVERYONE… Against the morally imposed social rules of a time when they lived. And because thus they made history… even without due recognition. (Fighters) Because they didn’t give up… they fought until they did. They were EVERYTHING! They were writers, scientists, mathematicians, dancers… They were samurai, marathoners, biologists and activists.  Twelve translucent portraits of women who just wanted and dared to be… and who, both …